Term Insurance for Stay At Home Parents

Term Insurance for Stay At Home Parents

My wonderful wife is a stay at home mom, she works as a blogger. Recently, we brought up the discussion that if I were to lose her, I would need help keeping up with everything that she does. She quickly shrugged it off telling me that it wasn’t something we should be worrying about because money is tight, and she didn’t see the value of insuring her anyway.

I’ve talked to a lot of women (specifically) in this similar situation. They don’t see the value because they don’t feel financially valuable.


How can a stay at home mom possibly feel that they don’t make a big financial impact? I don’t know what I’d do without her. That loss is unfathomable to me, but that doesn’t mean I should put aside the idea that I need to have her insured. This issue simply can’t go on the backburner.

We have four kids, all 8 years old and younger. She does all the shopping, cooking, doctoring, appointments, organizing, shuttling, and much more. She makes our house a home. She puts fire in our family dynamic. How exactly does one put a price value to all of that?

Let’s discuss.

We don’t pay for childcare, we don’t pay for a chef or a meal planner or for someone to do the shopping for us. We save a lot of money by not going to the doctor for every snuffle that my kids get. We don’t need a tutor when my kids need help in school. Also, all those financial quirks are resolved because she’s the financial advisor as well. She does it all!

So what kind of insurance do you need for someone that does it all but doesn’t get paid? You need a Term Insurance Policy. Think about it, it’s perfect for mothers. The policy lasts for a specific time frame. 15-30 years. You can add on cool riders like a “Return of Premium” as well. What’s more, is that they are much lower in cost when compared with Whole Life policies.

Like half the price.

So how do you convince your wife that this is what your family needs?  Your wife buys stuff at the store without you knowing about it all the time. How does she sell you on it? She brings up HOW MUCH SHE SAVED. It’s time for you to use that same line on her. Get that coverage for your protection. You and your family deserve it.

Please reach out to me to get a quote. You and your family deserve it.


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