Freshen Up Your Life Insurance Policy

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Freshen Up Your Life Insurance Policy

As you age your Life Insurance policy may gain a cash value, undergo some rider changes and other structural changes.

Time to pull out the Pruners! It’s very important to assure that you are keeping up to date with your policy. Has your beneficiary passed on? Has your child term rider reached its term? Do you know if your policy is an accidental death benefit only policy?


Review Your Needs

As you review your policy, your main focus needs to be on the quantity of insurance and the needs associated with the insurance plan. Another big focus should be on performance. Is your policy a PERMANENT policy? or in other words, does your policy accumulate real cash value?

If you’ve had your policy for a serious amount of time it might be time to “dust off” the paperwork and double check those little quirks. You may find that you need to update some names or remove some riders that made sense then but don’t fit your plan now.

If you change jobs, get a raise, lose your job, get married, divorced, have a baby, buy a house, increase your debt load, pay off significant debt, etc. you should take a look at how your insurance needs have changed.


Contact Me

Give me a call! There are a lot of options out there. Your situation is changing. You may not need as much now as you had then. You may need more. I’d love to help!

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